A CFO of a company in a dynamic, ever changing market, is akin to the captain of a ship trying to navigate through turbulent waters and a bad weather while maintaining course towards the planned destination.

Sometimes while on the high seas, the Captain is faced with a force majeure event that he/she has no control over. Trying to prevent the ship from sinking and maintaining the course become priorities for the Captain during such testing times, the world is witnessing today.

This digital summit aims to bring several such Captains together, as we brainstorm possible ways to equip You and Your Ships with the best tools and strategies to help stay afloat in the current situation and resume your course effectively once the storm passes.

Featured Speakers


03.00 : Opening Remarks

03.05 : Keynote Address: Sailing in Turbulent Waters

  • Top challenges and priorities for CFOs during Covid-19
    o Liquidity, Cost Rationalization, Managing Supply Chain Disruption, Risk Assessment, Intra and Inter function collaboration
  • How intelligent technology, automation and data analytics can help businesses sail through rough sea

03.15 : Survive the Present

  • Course Correction – Restructure business performance targets & KPIs to adapt to the current crisis
  • Stay Watertight & Afloat – maintain solvency & reduce overall cost of capital
    o Gain foresight into cash liquidity
    o Optimize working capital through efficient management of receivables & credit
    o Debt restructuring to leverage upon lower interest rates, tax breaks & government stimulus
  • Keep the ship moving – business continuity & cost control
    o Collaborate & conduct business remotely
    o Automation enabled business processes to improve productivity while reducing costs

04.00 : Q&A and Poll

04:02 : Panel Discussion: Prepare for the future

  • Formulate an emergency protocol for your ship – Business Risk mitigation in global supply chains
  • Flag off your next voyage – Prepare for the market post recovery
    o Supply planning for demand surge post recovery
    o Virtual Customer Interaction models for the future in the age of social distancing
    o Flexible Pricing models for the market of the future

04:25 : Q&A

04:30 : Wrap-Up and Close of Webinar

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